Monday, March 9, 2009


Lt. Gov. Barbara O'Brien today signed her first bills into law while acting on behalf of Gov. Ritter, who is out of the state. By way of the constitution, the Lt. Governor is given that authority in the absence of the Governor.
"This is another example of the Governor and I working together as a team," said Lt. Gov. O'Brien.  "Philosophically, we've been on the same page from day one and I'm happy to fulfill this duty."
Lt. Gov. O'Brien signed Senate Bills 40 and 204.
SB 40 (Hodge/Soper)
SB 40 modifies recording requirements for documents related to manufactured homes and is a clean up of HB08-1260, which required that certain documents related to an application for a certificate of title for a manufactured home be filed and recorded by a county clerk and recorder. 
HB08-1260 also dealt with property tax issues related to the construction, transportation and installation of manufactured housing.
SB 204 (White/Ferrandino)
SB 204 is one of several bills that will help the state balance the budget.  By designating $94 million of the TABOR reserve to the Major Medical cash fund, rather than the Subsequent Injury and Workers' Compensation cash funds, this legislation allows the State to utilize existing cash assets during these difficult economic times and to assist in passing a balanced budget for FY 2008-09.  As the Major Medical cash fund has $121 million in long term investments, this fund provides a stable source of assets to ensure the three percent TABOR revenue reserve is maintained.
Lt. Governor O'Brien signed the bills in the Governor's Office and was joined by Sen. Mary Hodge and Rep. John Soper.
Photo Narratives:
023—Lt. Gov. Barbara O'Brien signs first bills as acting Governor;
036—Lt. Gov. O'Brien is joined by SB 40 bill sponsors, Sen. Mary Hodge and Rep. John Soper;
037—Sen. Mary Hodge congratulates Lt. O'Brien
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