Monday, April 14, 2008


Gov. Bill Ritter today signed Senate Bill 163 into law, establishing a 24-member Colorado Autism Commission that will examine gaps in services and devise a 10-year state strategy by Oct. 1, 2009.
SB 163 was sponsored by Rep. Brandon Shaffer and Rep. Dianne Primavera at the urging of the Autism Society of Colorado.
"Government does best when it collaborates with people, nonprofits and organizations like the Autism Society of Colorado, when it intersects with where people struggle, and when it crafts real solutions to real problems," Gov. Ritter said.
"This new law will help us better understand, coordinate, and more efficiently provide services to Coloradans affected by autism," Gov. Ritter added. "One in 169 Colorado children has been diagnosed with some form of autism. Clearly, this is a critical and growing challenge."
"I'm proud to stand with Governor Ritter today as we make this commission a reality," Sen. Shaffer said. "Better understanding autism spectrum disorders will help us bring much-needed relief to thousands of Coloradofamilies."
"Research shows that with the right treatment at the right time, kids with autism can succeed.  We should give them every opportunity to do so," Rep. Primavera said.