Monday, March 10, 2008


Workplace Breastfeeding Measure Clears Committee

DENVER—Today the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee passed HB08-1276, which would make it easier for mothers to continue breast-feeding when they go back to work.  

Sponsored by Senator Dan Gibbs (D-Silverthorne), the bill would establish a standard that employers provide basic accommodations for their breastfeeding employees. This would include providing reasonable break time for employees who are breastfeeding to express milk, and to make reasonable efforts to provide those mothers with a private location in which to express milk.

"This is about families, first and foremost," said Gibbs. "Employees are more productive when they feel they can balance their work and family responsibilities. This bill is pro-family, pro-working mothers, and pro-business."

According to the National Association of Working Women, women with infants and toddlers are the fastest growing sector of today's labor force, with at least 70% working full-time. One-third of American mothers return to work within three months of giving birth, and two-thirds are back at work within six months.

The bill next heads to the full Senate for consideration.