Monday, February 4, 2008


DENVER—Today House Bill 1155 passed through the Senate on its third reading. Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon (D-Denver), Senator Steve Johnson (R-Ft Collins), Representative Rosemary Marshall (D-Denver) and Representative David Balmer (R-Centennial), the bill takes the first step toward solving the voting machine problem in Colorado and ensuring that our state's elections are operated a manner that is fair, accurate, accessible and transparent.

The bill gives Secretary of State Mike Coffman authority to recertify voting machines, which were decertified in December of last year. The bill prohibits Coffman from relaxing existing standards for voting systems and requires him to identify the reasons for any decision to amend or rescind certification orders.

General and primary elections are conducted by county clerks and recorders in Colorado using voting equipment purchased by the counties. Prior to its use, this equipment is subject to certification by both federal and state agencies to ensure it meets certain standards.