Monday, November 21, 2016

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OptinX Bonus and Review
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You might have thought by the image above that OptinX is an appear builder. Well lets be sincere, thats absolutely nothing brand-new at all and you may be believing to yourself 'oh yay another pop up home builder'. Honestly if that's your first idea don't stress. It was mine as well. Fortunately there are a few things that set OptinX apart from other alternatives out there. I will explain those in a 2nd, but first, extremely quickly I want everybody to understand why turn up are very important
Maybe the most common usage for an appear is to capture bounce traffic prior to they are lost to you. This is a problem that every website owner has and there are more options to it than you can shake a stick at. In truth I personally made a WordPress plugin to catch bounce traffic which I utilize on this site (you can examine it out here). These sort of pop ups are called 'on exit' or 'exit intent' popups. But there are several other kind as well.

Perhaps the second most typical is the on load appear. This is where an appear shows as soon as the page loads. Now you may be asking. Why would anybody want to reveal an appear as quickly as the page loads? Well the response is easy. Google will never index a squeeze page. That is capture pages do not rank well in the search engines. So exactly what you do is develop a well written article in your specific niche (which will rank) and after that have an on load pop up that shows as quickly as a real visitor concerns the site. By doing this Google mores than happy due to the fact that they see an excellent article (so you get free organic traffic), however the people who visit the website see the optin first off. This in essence makes your post a squeeze page, only this way you can secure free SEO traffic which is something you will never ever get from a 'regular' squeeze page.