Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2017 new Bottpower Bott XC1 Cafe Racer Carbon photos & details

2017 new Bottpower Bott XC1 Cafe Racer Carbon photos & details
The Bott XC1 is a sportbike with Cafe Racer aesthetics built around a Buell XB12 donor bike.
The bike weights 179 kgs (20 kgs less than a Buell XB12 SS) and has 100 HP with lots of torque. Apart of the top fueltank, it has a secondary fueltank under the rear shock absorber, which allows a total fuel capacity of 13 liters (not bad!).
The Cafe Racer shares the frame, secondary tanks, wheels, swingarm, suspensions, wheels and brakes with the BOTT XR1. This means that if you have a XR1 kit, it is possible to convert it into a Cafe Racer just changing the subframe, seat, tank, handlebar and headlight. And vice versa, if you have a Cafe Racer you can convert it into a XR1 quite easily.
The chassis has been designed and built keeping the original Buell XB geometry, so it has the same behavior, improved by the weight reduction.
Frame stiffness has been calculated using Finite Element Analysis, and the design has been validated testing the bike on circuits with professional riders.
We can build a complete XC1 Cafe Racer for you. We also sell a kit, so you can build your own unit if you want. We sell each part of the kit separately, so you can buy only those parts you are really interested in, and build your custom XC1, at your own taste.
This is the latest BOTT XC1 Cafe Racer that we have built. The bike is for Paradise Motorcycles, our dealer in France.

Air/oil cooled 1203cc Thunderstorm V-Twin, 1203 cm3 (it is possible to build it also with the 900 cc engine), 100 Horsepower at 6600 rpm, Torque 110 Nm at 6000 rpm.
Fuel system: 49 mm downdraft DDFI II fuel injection
Gearbox: 5-speed
Clutch: Wet, multi-plate, compensated
Final Drive: Belt

Steel central Spine Bottpower frame, with vibration isolation system.
Front Suspension: Showa inverted fork with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
Rear Suspension: Showa shock absorber
Front Brake: ZTL type brake, 375 mm stainless steel floating rotor, 6 piston caliper
Rear Brake: 240 mm stainless steel rotor, single piston floating caliper

Geometries are the same than the original Buell XB donor bike.
Weelbase: 52 in OR 1321 mm
Seat Height: 30.1 in OR 765 mm
Ground Clearance: 4.3 in OR 109 mm
Weight: 179 kgs (20 kgs less than the original Buell XB donor bike).
Fuel Capacity: 16 liters. The bike has a top fueltank and 2 secondary fueltanks. Original Buell fuelpump located in the left secondary fueltank.
Tyres: Front 120/70xZR17 and Rear 180/55xZR17