Monday, November 7, 2016

2017 new Yamaha T-Max 530 SX studio photos details & action

2017 new Yamaha T-Max 530 SX studio photos details & action
TMAX Highlights - all versions
Sporty and dynamic new body design
Outstanding acceleration
Lightweight aluminium chassis
Longer aluminium swingarm
9kg lighter than 2016 model
Traction Control System (TCS)
Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)
Increased storage space for two demi jet helmets
'Smart Key' keyless ignition system
Short and compact upswept muffler
Sophisticated new TFT instruments
Link-type rear suspension
Lightweight tyres with low rolling resistance ABS fitted as standard equipment
Ready to accommodate the optional D-AIR safety system Centre stand locking system Battery charging socket EU4 compliant engine

TMAX SX Additional Features
In addition to the list of TMAX highlights that are found on all versions, the sporty TMAX SX is also equipped a number of exclusive features and special paint finishes that reinforce its exclusive appeal, and enhance its dynamic character.
Special sports colours and exclusive interior finishing
The new TMAX SX is offered in Matt Silver with blue wheels and Liquid Darkness, two deep and understated colour finishes that - together with the stylish SX badge - accentuate the sporty carácter and underline its exclusivity.
Much of the interior is treated to a high gloss paint finish, and new materials are used for various components to enhance the overall feeling of quality. Another key feature is the use of texture lines around the edges of the central tunnel and glove compartments that emphasizes the luxurious finish and premium quality of this prestigious two-wheeler.

Yamaha D-MODE
Yamaha D-MODE is an electronic control feature that gives riders of the TMAX SX and TMAX DX models the opportunity to adjust the engine running mode to suit the riding conditions and situation.
Riders can select either T-Mode for town riding or S-Mode for sport riding by pressing a sequential switch on the right handlebar.
D-MODE operates in association with the YCC-T to give an easier and gentler power delivery in T-Mode, making the TMAX SX more suited to town riding. By selecting S-Mode, riders can enjoy the thrilling acceleration and sporty performance of the 530cc engine on open roads.

My TMAX Connect
TMAX SX - and but also the TMAX DX riders - are the first Yamaha owners to enter the connected world through the My TMAX Connect app. Using the mobile phone app, these customers have access to a wide range of data relating to their SX or DX, including a bike tracker - thanks to the integrated GPS system - as well as a remote horn and flasher function, low battery alert, speed alert, geofence and trip report.
This sophisticated feature gives greater control over the TMAX SX/DX's security, as well as enabling riders to access useful information using their mobile - and when new service functionalities become available they will be made available via software updates.
Depending on the local market situation, customers will be able to benefit from favourable insura