Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Gov. Bill Ritter criticized the federal government today for publishing draft regulations for commercial oil shale development, calling the move premature, unnecessary and irresponsible.
"I fully support the existing research, development and demonstration process for commercial oil shale development," Gov. Ritter said. "Colorado is doing its part – and will continue to do its part -- to help meet this nation's energy needs and achieve energy security.
"Someday the technology may exist that will allow us to responsibly extract oil from Colorado shale. But that day is years away. That day will only come when crucial questions about impacts to water, air quality, wildlife and our local communities – are fully understood and answered. That day is not today. This was a premature and unnecessary act by the federal government that is not supported by science or technology.
"This is a last-ditch, irresponsible attempt by the White House to issue commercial oil-shale leases, at Colorado's expense, and will do nothing to help hard-working Americans or family-owned businesses struggling today with $4-a-gallon gas. These regulations would set bargain basement royalty rates that could cost Coloradans billions of dollars.
"Instead of 11th-hour political maneuvering, Washington should be working with states like Colorado to craft a comprehensive national energy policy for the 21st century. We need Washington as a strong partner as we diversify our energy portfolio, refocus efforts on conservation and efficiencies, invest meaningful amounts of money into research, and inspire innovation and new technologies that will lead to a global New Energy Economy."