Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Thursday is the final day for Gov. Ritter to take action on bills from the 2008 legislative session. He will be signing health-care and transportation bills in Denver today, legislation authorizing a new state justice center and history museum on Wednesday morning, and several bills in Grand Junction Wednesday afternoon.  
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
9 a.m.                          Gov. Ritter will deliver opening remarks at a workshop sponsored by CSU's Warner College of Natural Resources, "Communicating About Climate Change: A Governor's Initiative Toward a Sustainable West."
                                    Location: Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, 200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood.
10:30 a.m.                   Gov. Ritter will sign nearly a dozen health-care bills into law, including several pieces of legislation that form the heart of his "Building Blocks to Health Care Reform" package. The full list of bills to be signed:
                                    SB 57 (Kester/Marshall), Insurance Coverage Hearing Aids Minors
SB 135 (Mitchell/Gagliardi), Health Ins Standardized Benefits Card
SB 138 (Johnson/McGihon), Physician Designation Full Disclosure
SB160 (Hagedorn/McGihon), Children's Health Care
SB 161 (Boyd/Merrifield), CHP+ and Medicaid Enrollment
SB 194 (Hagedorn/McGihon), Pub. Health Reorg.
SB 217 (Hagedorn/McGihon), Centennial Care
HB 1100 (Gagliardi/Keller), Colo. Responds to Kids with Special Needs
HB 1372 (Primavera/Hagedorn), Adult Stem Cell Donation Awareness
HB 1385 (Primavera/Schwartz), Increased Health Insurance Transparency
HB 1410 (A. Kerr/Tochtrop), Preventive Coverage Colorectal Cancer
Location: The Children's Hospital, Anschutz Medical Campus at Fitzsimons, 13123 E. 16th Ave., Aurora. From downtown Denver: Take Colfax east to Anschutz Medical Campus. Turn left on Ursula Street, pass East 16th Avenue, take the next right into the media-reserved parking area on the west side of the hospital. Children's contact: Lonna Lindsay, (720) 777-8526.
1:30 p.m.                    Gov. Ritter will sign five transportation bills into law:
HB 1010 (McFadyen/Takis), Motor Vehicle Traffic Fines
HB 1036 (McFadyen/Williams), Charles Mather Highway Safety Act
HB 1257 (Vaad/Williams), Overweight Motor Vehicle Permits & Fees
SB 60 (Boyd/Summers), Automobile Theft Prevention Authority
SB 63 (Penry/Butcher), Off-Highway Vehicle Sound Standards
Location: West Foyer, State Capitol.
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
9:30 a.m.                     Gov. Ritter will sign legislation (Senate Bill 206) authorizing the financing for the new Ralph L. Carr Justice Center and a new home for the Colorado History Museum. The Justice Center will be located on the block currently occupied by the Supreme Court building and the Colorado History Museum, and the new museum will be located just one block to the south. The Justice Center is scheduled to open in 2014.
                                    Location: North side of the existing Judicial Building, 2 E. 14th Ave.
11:30 a.m.                   Gov. Ritter will sign several bills at Mesa State College in Grand Junction:
SB 218 (Schwartz & Penry/Buescher & Balmer) Federal Mineral Lease Allocation
SB 245 (Windels/Buescher), Higher Ed Intercept
HB 1359 (Buescher/Penry), Alternating Proprietorship Wineries
HB 1414 (Buescher/Penry), Regulate Oil & Gas Waste Disposal Pits
Location: Mesa State College, Grand Junction. The ceremony will take place in front of Wubben Hall, the school's science building, which is just south of Mav Circle. Press and public should park in lot P-1 at 12th and Elm.
Thursday, June 5, 2008
9:30 a.m.                     Gov. Ritter will sign a package of legislation supporting people with developmental disabilities:
                                    HB 1031 (Pommer/Keller), DD Waiting List Navigator
HB 1047 (B. Gardner/Boyd), State Set Asides for Severely Disabled
HB 1072 (Soper/Williams), Medicaid Buy-In for Disabled Persons
HB 1101 (B. Gardner/Renfroe), DD Waiting List
HB 1127 (Liston/Gibbs), DD Employee Income Tax Credit
HB 1220 (Buescher/Keller), DD Statutory Clean Up
HB 1246 (Green/Keller), Abuse Caregiver Registry for DD
SB 02 (Boyd/Soper), Family Caregiver for Developmentally Disabled
SB 04 (Keller/B. Gardner), State Employment for Persons with DD
SB 165 (Williams/ M. Carroll), Advisory Council
                                    Location: West Foyer, State Capitol
10:30 a.m.                   Gov. Ritter will sign a consumer-protection package of bills:
HB 1389 (M. Carroll/Sandoval), Fair Accountable Insurance Rates
HB 1216, (Ferrandino/Romer), Consumer Outreach and Education
HB 1402, (Gagliardi & Ferrandino/Bacon), Protections for Homeowners
SB 77 (Johnson/Jahn), On-line Circumvention Sale Event Tickets
SB 153 (Boyd/Ferrandino), Licensure of Home Care Facilities
SB 246 (Williams/Jahn & Lundberg), Unfair Practices Act
Location: West Foyer, State Capitol
11 a.m.                        Gov. Ritter will sign a variety of different bills:
                                    HB 1033 (Levy/Sandoval), Historic Preservation Income Tax Credit
                                    HB 1049 (Benefield/Groff), Extend Child Care Income Tax Credit
                                    HB 1151 (Lambert/Schultheis), Boy Scouts Centennial Plates
HB 1168 (Marshall/Romer), Financial Literacy
HB 1317 (Looper & Gallegos/Tapia & Schultheis), Interstate Compact Educate Military Kids
HB 1325 (Looper/Tapia), Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
HB 1353 (Madden/Isgar), Verify Conservation Easement Tax Credits
SB 11 (Morse/Massey), Trauma Care Funding
Location: West Foyer, State Capitol