Tuesday, December 15, 2009



(Denver)  Governor Bill Ritter's campaign received a major boost today as dozens of prominent Latino community leaders endorsed his re-election effort.  "Bill Ritter is a principled leader and a man of conviction" said State Senator Abel Tapia from Pueblo, "He is the type of leader who does what he believes is the right thing to do – even if it isn't easy politically."
Nearly 50 prominent members of the Latino community took part in today's endorsement event, touting the Governor's leadership on education, health care and the economy. "This governor continues to lead Colorado forward even during the worst economic downturn in generations," said former state senator and small-business owner Paul Sandoval, "Our unemployment rate is well below the national average. We are ranked as one of the best states in the nation in which to do business, and most experts believe Colorado is poised to emerge from recession well ahead of the pack. That's leadership."
Joe Salazar, former chair of the Colorado Latino Forum, contrasted Ritter's leadership and track record against that of Congressman McInnis. "Bill Ritter is leading us forward – but Congressman McInnis wants to take us back to the old politics of George W. Bush and Tom Delay when lobbyists wrote the rules and government put special interests ahead of real people. Congressman McInnis represents the kind of politics that got us into this mess in the first place."
Others said they were worried about McInnis' debt to Tom Tancredo. "Congressman McInnis' close ties to Tom Tancredo and Republican big money spell danger for the Latino community.  His willingness to cut deals for political profit behind closed doors will harm us all," said former State Senator Polly Baca.
The endorsement by so many prominent Latino community leaders this early in the campaign is significant.  The Latino vote played a major role in recent statewide elections and is seen as a critical coalition for candidates.