Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He gets it

Dear Friend,

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It's easy to talk the talk about building a New Energy Economy. Most (if not all) governors do that.

But Bill Ritter, more than any other governor, walks the walk.

As co-founder of Namaste Solar, I know Governor Ritter doesn't just do a good job articulating his vision for a New Energy Economy. He is actually implementing that vision and bringing all the stakeholders to the table to make it happen.

My company is doing its small part by installing solar panels atop Colorado homes and businesses, and we've grown from six to 65 employees under Governor Ritter's innovative leadership. His policies are helping countless other companies create new Colorado jobs while helping the environment and making America more energy independent, too.

That's why I'm officially endorsing Bill Ritter for Governor, and I hope you'll join me:

When you submit a citizen endorsement, you can add your own personal reasons for supporting Bill Ritter -- or even upload a video -- to demonstrate the breadth and depth of his support across Colorado. Here's my endorsement message:

"Colorado couldn't ask for a better champion of the New Energy Economy than Governor Bill Ritter, who day in and day out articulates and acts upon his bold vision for the future of our state."

You'll also have the opportunity to join a special group (I joined "Small Business Owners for Ritter") to learn more about events and issues affecting your community.

Click here to watch my video endorsement and send your own endorsement message (text or video) to the campaign!

Simply put, Governor Ritter gets it. He understands what it's like to operate a business in the New Energy Economy. He understands what we're going through, how the government can help, and the long-term outlook we need to attract new investment. He understands the New Energy Economy is here to stay and is making the most of it.

Governor Ritter doesn't just talk the talk...he walks the walk. We could do business anywhere, but other states don't have the kind of leadership Colorado has. My business, and Colorado's promising 21st century economy, can't afford to lose Bill Ritter, so I'm doing everything I can to support his campaign. That includes making an official citizen endorsement.

Will you join me, and officially endorse Bill Ritter for Governor, too?

Thank you for joining me to publicly declare your support for Bill Ritter.


Blake Jones
CEO and Co-Founder, Namaste Solar
Member, Small Business Owners for Ritter

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