Friday, February 20, 2009


Gov. Bill Ritter is urging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to quickly certify the Ruby gas pipeline, a $3 billion project that would carry 1.5 billion cubic feet a day of natural gas from Colorado and other Rocky Mountain states the Oregon/California border.
"Colorado is one of the nation's leading natural-gas producers," Gov. Ritter. "But a lack of pipeline capacity means our natural gas sells for less in the marketplace. That hurts Colorado gas producers and puts Colorado jobs at risk. We're asking the Commission to expedite approval of the Ruby pipeline to help protect thousands of Colorado jobs, to support an important Colorado industry, and to help move America closer to energy security."
The 42-inch pipeline would stretch 675.2 miles from Opal, Wyo., through Utah and Nevada to the Oregon/California border.
Here is the complete text of Gov. Ritter's Feb. 19 letter to the Commission:
Office of the Acting Chairman and Commissioners
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Acting Chairman Jon Wellinghoff
Commissioner Suedeen G. Kelly
Commissioner Philip D. Moeller
Commissioner Marc Spitzer
Commissioner Joseph T. Kelliher
888 First Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20426
Re: Application of Ruby Pipeline, LLC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, Docket No. CP09-54-000
Dear Acting Chairman Wellinghoff, and Commissioners Kelly, Moeller, Spitzer and Kelliher:
I am writing to express the support of the State of Colorado for the Ruby Pipeline Project and to request that the FERC expedite the processing of the certificate application that was filed by Ruby on January 27, 2009.
The proposed Ruby Pipeline will consist of approximately 675.2 miles of 42-inch outside diameter natural gas pipeline, compression facilities and measurement facilities, located between the confluence of existing pipeline facilities near Opal, Wyoming (the Opal Hub) and Malin, Oregon.
The Ruby Pipeline will have a design capacity of up to approximately 1.5 million dekatherms per day ("MDth/d").
Colorado is a major producer of natural gas, and the proposed Ruby Pipeline is an important link between the prolific producing areas of Colorado and other mountain states and the consuming areas of California and the Pacific Northwest.
Natural gas production in Colorado makes a substantial contribution to the economic well-being of the State, and also makes a significant contribution to the energy requirements of our country. 
For these contributions to continue, producers need assurance that the produced natural gas will have an outlet to the consuming areas of the country.
In the absence of adequate "take-away" capacity, the market for Colorado-produced natural gas will be artificially constrained and production will be reduced, to the detriment of the Colorado economy and our nation's energy independence. This has occurred in the past, and I am concerned that it will happen again in the near future if the Ruby Pipeline project is not constructed.
I ask the FERC to proceed diligently with the processing of the Ruby Pipeline Certificate Application and to thoughtfully consider all approvals that may be required for Ruby to construct, own and operate the Ruby Pipeline. 
Thank you for your attention to the concerns of the State of Colorado.
Bill Ritter, Jr.
Governor of the State of Colorado