Saturday, December 1, 2007


Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's Radio Address
Air Date: Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007

Good morning. I'm Governor Bill Ritter from the great state of
Colorado. Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to listen first-hand
to our strong crop of Democrats running for president of the United
States. I'm proud to say they embody the best values America has to

Our values are Western values. Like the people of Colorado, Americans
are inventive and self-reliant, and they're looking for leaders who
know how to solve problems, get results and make a positive difference.

Democrats are offering specific plans that capitalize on America's
strengths, plans that intersect with where Americans struggle, and
plans that get our great nation headed back in the right direction.
Democrats have put forward substantive policies that address our
nation's broken health-care system – a system that leaves millions of
children and families without access to quality, affordable health care.

At a time when concern about our economy is growing and American
families are struggling with high energy costs, Democrats have
proposed policies that will take advantage of renewable energy
resources like wind, solar and biofuels.

In Colorado, we call this the New Energy Economy. By creating a 21st
Century energy policy, we are creating jobs, revitalizing the economy,
protecting the environment and helping secure our nation's energy

Democrats know that Americans want a government that is frugal with
the people's money. We are tired of the years of mounting deficits
coming from Republicans in Washington. A Democratic president will be
truthful with the American people about our economic health, stop
playing games with the budget, and restore fiscal sanity.

Americans want government that works and not one that continues to
follow a failed strategy — especially in Iraq. Democrats and a
bipartisan majority of Americans want to end the war in Iraq, to bring
our troops home as quickly as possible. At the same time, there are
major security and international concerns that need a fresh look and
new strategies – not the stay-the-course approach we hear from the
Republican candidates.

In Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain West, Democrats are
succeeding because we provide moderate, common sense leadership on
issues most important to American families. Where Washington has
failed to act, we are moving ahead on issues such as immigration,
domestic-energy development, education and creating new jobs for hard-
working Americans.

Americans are tired of Washington-style partisan gridlock. They want
results – and they deserve leaders who can deliver. By sticking with
our values, our party has made great gains in the West. I'm proud to
be one of the growing number of Democratic governors and other elected
officials in the Rocky Mountain West.

Beyond the West, from Kentucky to Virginia and New Jersey, Americans
are embracing Democratic leadership. Last month, in elections around
the country, strong candidates showed that Democrats can challenge
Republicans on values and win anywhere when we show up and compete

I am looking forward to hosting the Democratic convention here in
Colorado next year where we will be showcasing our strong, can-do
leadership and the important role the West will play in 2008. Our
Democratic candidates offer new ideas, fresh approaches, optimism and
a new direction. And, of course, voters in the West will help one of
those candidates win the White House in 2008.

I'm Governor Bill Ritter from Colorado. Thank you for listening.