Thursday, November 6, 2008

CHA Responds to Governor's Proposed 2009-2010 Budget

GREENWOOD VILLAGE – The Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) responded today to Gov. Bill Ritter's proposed budget for 2009-2010. The Association recognizes the current fiscal challenges faced by the state and plans to work with the governor and General Assembly to ensure that accessible and affordable healthcare remains a priority.
"Given the difficult economic climate, we certainly understand the need to develop a lean state budget," says CHA President and Chief Executive Officer Steven Summer. "However, it's exactly these times when healthcare providers will be called upon to help even more uninsured individuals in need."
In 2007, Colorado hospitals incurred nearly $1.5 billion in costs in excess of payments related to charity care, bad debt, and treating Medicare- and Medicaid-insured patients. In 2006, unreimbursed costs were approximately $1.2 billion.
"As the budget process unfolds, we look forward to working with the governor and legislature to ensure that healthcare remains affordable and accessible to all, and that healthcare providers are adequately compensated for services," Summer says.
About the Colorado Hospital Association
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