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CDP Campaigns are Underway, along with the Upcoming Convention

Colorado Dems respond to Republican attacks, discuss strategy
Campaigns are Underway, along with the Upcoming Convention

Note from the Chair:

Did you know that John McCain wants to take away our water? His latest faux pas makes one wonder whether he is really from the West. The Senator told The Pueblo Chieftain that the "water sharing agreement reached in 1922 between seven Western states" should be renegotiated. Not true for Colorado said Senator Ken Salazar. "...opening up the Colorado River Compact is absolutely wrong and would only happen over my dead body," Salazar said. "It's anathema to the fundamental principles of Colorado's water rights and our compacts." (The Pueblo Cheiftain, Friday, August 15, 2008)

Last night Democratic leaders met at the Governor's Mansion to discuss the upcoming presidential campaign in Colorado. It was a great meeting with representatives from all of the Congressional districts and leaders throughout the state. As we continued to talk, Gov. Ritter, former Lt. Governor Gail Schoettler, Senator Ken Salazar, former mayors Federico Pena and Wellington Webb held a press conference. Guess who was lurking outside the gates. None other than Republican chair, Dick Wadhams. He got into a heated discussion with Rep. Ed Perlmutter and then was quoted as saying that we were in panic session. Sorry Dick, the only thing even approaching panic around here is whether we have enough tickets for everyone who wants to go to Invesco Field next week.

Pat Waak

Democratic National Committee Chairman, Governor Howard Dean to Rally for Change in Denver

Join us on Friday as Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee rolls into Denver on the last stop of his Register for Change Tour, which started in Nevada and wound through New Mexico before heading north to Colorado. Dean is helping to take our country back, neighbor by neighbor, door by door, vote by vote.

The rally will be this Friday, August 22nd at 12:00 PM at the Auraria College Campus' St. Cajetan's Chapel on Lawrence Way in Denver. Let's be sure to give the Governor a warm Colorado welcome!

On Wednesday, August 13, Congressman Udall and U.S. Senator Ken Salazar unveiled their energy plan to help Americans fight record high energy and gas prices now and in the future.

Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall showed Coloradans this week that he's the only Senate candidate with a bipartisan, comprehensive plan to lower gas prices and break America's dependence on foreign oil. "American Energy, American Innovation" is a comprehensive plan, based on the bipartisan "Gang of 10" proposals that call for historic investment in renewable fuels and alternative energy made in Colorado. Also, increased investment in nuclear energy, expanded domestic oil and gas drilling where it can be done responsibly and investments in research and development to make American car makers the world's leaders in alternative fuel cars. The centerpiece of the proposal is a national Renewable Electricity Standard – just like the one that has been so successful in Colorado. Under Mark's plan, by the year 2020, utility companies will be producing at least 20% of our electricity from American-made renewable sources like wind and solar. You can read the "American Energy, American Innovation" plan at http://www.markudall.com Mark has asked Republican nominee Bob Schaffer to sign onto his bipartisan energy proposal, but as the Durango Herald reported this weekend, "The Republican opposes the way the bill takes away oil-company tax breaks and gives them to renewable-energy companies." As Udall campaign spokeswoman Tara Trujillo put it, "The bottom line is that Bob Schaffer would rather let Colorado families and businesses continue to suffer than see a dime taken away from the oil companies. It couldn't be a clearer display of his true priorities."

In the coming days and weeks, Mark will be touring the state to talk about his energy plan and his other ideas to get our country back on track. Please check out his website at http://www.markudall.com for updates and to see when Mark is coming to a town near you!

The general campaign for Hal Bidlack is underway

The first week turned out to be exciting following a press release from the Lamborn Campaign claiming that they were "re-challenging" Hal to debate. Unfortunately for Doug Lamborn this release came one day after news reports on Hal's challenge and 6 hours after a press release from the Bidlack Campaign announcing our plan for 7 debates. Hal has accepted a debate request for October 1st, we don't know if Lamborn has accepted.

Hal was at the Teller County Democrats Fundraising dinner on Saturday August 16th – it was a great event. We really appreciate it Teller County!! After watching Saturday night, we think Andrew Romanoff should consider a future in auctioneering!

Where's Hank?

Locate Hank, find upcoming events and find out where Hank is on the issues at his NEW website http://www.hankeng.com. This past week was pivotal for the Hank Eng for Congress campaign in CD6. The Republican primary on August 12th revealed that Hank's opponent for the November 4th election will be Mike Coffman the current Colorado Secretary of State. 2008 is the year that a Democrat will win the Congressional seat in CD6. Hank's opponent has demonstrated his abilities as a career politician, and Hank has the leadership and community involvement experience to take the interests of all citizens of CD6 to Washington DC. Help Hank become the first Democrat to win the congressional seat in CD6. Visit http://www.hankeng.com , make a donation and sign-up to volunteer. Together we can turn CD6 BLUE.

Help Joe Whitcomb pick up a State Senate Seat!

Joe Whitcomb is a former Army Ranger, proud husband, and father of his one month old son. He's an attorney, and candidate for State Senate 23 in Broomfield, Westminster, and portions of Weld County. He was decorated as an Army Ranger and served overseas in Operation Just Cause. In 2002, he re-enlisted in the Air Force to train other soldiers to survive in combat. Joe Whitcomb has also volunteered as an advocate for battered women and abused children. Joe is committed to serving his community and working on the issues that matter to Senate District 23 such as the economy, health care, and education. He has dedicated much of his life serving our country and will serve Colorado as the next State Senator from Senate District 23 with your help. To find out how to help Joe or donate to his campaign go to http://www.electjoewhitcomb.com

New Obama Ad
The Obama campaign announced a new TV ad recently, focused on the economy. It began to air Thursday in 16 battleground states, including Colorado. The new ad entitled Book highlights Obama's plan to break with the failing economic policies of the past eight years and put America's middle class first.

John McCain has supported George Bush 95 percent of the time, including spending ten billion dollars a month for the war in Iraq while the Iraqis sell oil for record prices, giving Iraq a $79 billion oil surplus at the expense of America's economy. Barack Obama knows that families need immediate and lasting relief -- that's why he will put America's middle class first. Senator Obama will responsibly end the war in Iraq, restore balance and fairness to our economy, and give working people immediate and meaningful relief.

Click http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/book_ad/to watch Book and other videos at BarackTV.

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