Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Toyota Land Speed Cruiser 2,000 hp/220 mph "world's fastest SUV"

Land Speed Cruiser Set to Become World's Fastest SUV
Toyota claims "world's fastest SUV" crown with mad 350km/h LandCruiser SUV in Las Vegas

A heavily modified Toyota LandCruiser concept appearing in Las Vegas this week is powered by a fully-worked 5.7-litre Toyota V8 borrowed from the Lexus LX 570, and then boosted by a twin turbo setup.

This SUV concept is not just fast, it's farcical, with a claimed top speed of 354km/h!!إ

Claimed to the be the world's fastest SUV, ostensibly snatching the title from Bentley, the heavily modified Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series was built by Toyota's North American operation for the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas, with a little help from TRD.

Although the specific engine output of the ludicrous LandCruiser has not been divulged by Toyota, the Lexus LX570's naturally aspirated 5.7-litre V8 generates 270kW and 530Nm. But those numbers would have to be significantly higher to shift the modified car's circa 2.7 tonne mass to 354km/h which is 220mph.

Making use of a pair of Garrett turbochargers plumbed into a “fully-built 5.7-litre Toyota V8” the bonkers machine puts power to the ground through a custom ATI transmission. Toyota reckons “Every single thing inside this build has been touched,” which makes it the “world's fastest SUV”.

Toyota even created a small freeze-feed reservoir within the engine bay, to which ice can be added during short runs to help cool intake air.

On top of the heavily fettled powertrain, the Toyota Land Speed Cruiser benefits from mega chassis upgrades and stability upgrades, dumping the off-roader low to the ground.

With a sports body kit including a rudimentary front air block and a flat underbody, it also adds big alloy wheels and high performance tyres. This makes the monstrous LandCruiser look, well, preposterous.

But this is SEMA, and it demands a certain level of crazy.

The berserk Toyota Land Speed Cruiser was joined by five other “extreme” vehicles at the huge Las Vegas auto show, including the XTREME Corolla, a dumped Sienna people mover, a racing version of the 86 coupe, a Tacoma TRD racing truck and the beefed-up and battle-ready Toyota Prius G, which claims “Corvette and Viper”-like cornering performance.
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