Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2017 new Suzuki GSX-250R (Europe) studio details & action photos

2017 new Suzuki GSX-250R (Europe) studio details & action photos
Suzuki is proud to introduce the new GSX250R/ABS as a fully faired street machine that brings the excitement and riding satisfaction of Suzuki's sport bike heritage to a broader audience. Featuring sporty good looks, responsive yet easy-to-control performance, nimble handling, and a comfortable riding position, the GSX250R/ABS is equally at home on the daily commute as it is when touring for long distances.
The new GSX250R/ABS is a perfect choice for a wide range of riders. That includes those who are looking to buy their first sporty street bike, or who are returning to the world of two-wheeled riding pleasure later in life.

Major features of the GSX250R/ABS;
Engine optimized to maximize low- to mid-range torque
New intake valve – Optimize airflow into the combustion chamber
Equipped with IRC RX-01F D and RX-01R tires
Complies with EURO 4 emission regulations
Class-leading level of fuel efficiency (32.5km/L)
New reverse-lit full-LCD instrument panel
New surface-emitting LED tail lights
Turn signals adopt clear lenses
Petal-type brake discs
Newly designed 10-spoke wheels

Engine Performance and Utility
-Engine design – outline
The 248cm3 parallel-twin engine that powers the GSX250R/ABS underwent thorough analysis and optimization to maximize low- to mid-range torque and provide a powerful ride that features ease of control. The overall efficiency achieved also helps realize class-leading level of fuel economy*1 and clean performance that satisfies the stringent Euro 4 emission regulations. With a full tank of gasoline, the GSX250R/ABS has a riding range of approximately 480km*2.

Displacement 248 cm3
Bore x Stroke 53.5mm x 55.2mm
Compression 11.5 : 1
Maximum power 18.4kW/8,000rpm
Maximum torque 23.4Nm/6,500rpm
Emission level Euro 4

The cam profile for the GSX250R/ABS delivers maximum acceleration performance at speeds between 20km/h to 90km/h, as this is the range that is used most often.
As an additional benefit, the cam profile also suppresses noise generation to deliver a smoother, more pleasant ride.
The honing pattern used for the cylinder barrels maintains lubrication for the pistons in a manner that helps minimize any loss of performance due to friction.
-Cylinder head
The cylinder head adopts roller type rocker arms that minimize friction loss.
-New intake valve design
The port sections on the intake valves are designed to optimize airflow into the combustion chamber. This helps achieve a high level of thermal efficiency for improved performance and reduced emissions.
Thin, low tension piston rings were adopted to reduce friction and the shape of the piston ring grooves was also optimized.
-Spark plug
Adopting the use of projected tip spark plugs speeds up the rate of combustion. This improves response, especially when the throttle is not open far, and also improves fuel economy.
-Oil pump
Optimization of the oil pump