Monday, November 21, 2016

2017 new Mono Racer Concept by Huge Moto Design photos & details

2017 new Mono Racer Concept by Huge Moto Design photos & details
A retro-modern design aesthetic combining the latest race bike technologies with track-proven frame/steering geometry, component set-up and aerodynamics.

This virtual bike build began with a 'CLEAN and MEAN' design philosophy at the core. An approach borrowing from the past when race-bike components were raw and purposeful and bodywork flowed simply with sublime, aero-driven surfacing. It seems that many of today's modern sportbikes have gone a bit overboard with chaotic surfacing and superficial details. Bike manufacturers burdened by the need to out-do themselves (as well as standout among evenly matched competitors) year after year appears to have driven much of the over-the-top aesthetics you see today. A visual battle of overly aggro design details and crazy graphics that leaves us cold.

Our virtual bike build began with one crucial component as a starting point: a 1000cc Honda in-line 4 cylinder motor. From there every component was carefully considered, designing from the inside/out. Lead engineer, Allan Reich designed the mainframe and swing-arm to be single-piece mono-form carbon fiber construction for added weight savings and performance. Our goal was to make this bike as real as possible and not just another bullshit concept bike. Months away from moving into our new 4000 Sq/ft shop in Soma and currently exploring fabrication options to make MONO real.