Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Virtual Payment Software VPS Bonus and Review

get your bonus:
VPS is the first of its kind micro payment/ cloud based content locker referral system.

The problem with current content lockers is that they are plugins that simply shade over the content to be locked but in fact if anyone goes into the source of the site you can access all the content you like.

VPS goes out of its way not only as a content locker but also integrates with paypal as a micro payment locker. Where a user must pay $1 or whatever said amount is to unlock the content/article/download page or coupon.

Not only this but VPS gets extremely exciting where it unlocks content based on a referral and leaderboard system. THIS is an extremely powerful viral system that will automatically get the user more traffic to whatever offer they have running.
What I mean by referral is that a customer landing on a website must refer a specific link however many times to unlock the said content/coupon/discount etc. When the referral number is met in VPS the page unlocks to reveal said content.
Ask nearly every website owner what their biggest problem is . . . and they’ll answer “How to get more traffic!” But not just ANY old traffic . . .
• They want FREE traffic (without worrying about Google slaps)
• They want motivated-to-take action traffic
VPS (Viral Payment Software) is an innovative new tool which helps you offer up coupons or other incentives for your visitors to refer their friends and family to your store.
Squeeze pages. Content lockers. Countdown timers.
Popups. Overlays. And the tool list for affiliate marketers goes on and on . . .
What if you could eliminate ALL of these separate tools? And also get VIRAL traffic and build a MASSIVE list?
And because people tend to trust the recommendations of their friends, VPS can bring you more sales.
It fully integrates with all autoresponders too . . . so you can easily offer referral incentives to your email list too.
There are also popups, delayed timers, content lockers and more . . . All included.
You can even require visitors to share with a certain number of their friends to receive your coupons. It’s a win-win for both of you.
Well, VPS works by incentivizing your visitors into sharing your content. Get them to share a certain number of times before they can access their gift . . . which makes your traffic snowball FAST.
It also has a TON of very cool features which will allow you to completely eliminate a whole bunch of other expensive tools.